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Warehouse Expansion

We had the opportunity to show our friends at FOX 17 Morning Mix around our new warehouse expansion.

Want to learn more? Check out the short TV segment below!

We began our warehouse expansion in June of 2022 with the intention of housing more GM parts, improving our processes, and providing top-notch service to customers like you!

More space to house more car parts means having more parts available on hand. With more parts available, we are able to increase productivity for the independent service centers and collision shops that rely on Berger for their parts. 

We will also be able to better assist our own service and collision customers more efficiently by utilizing our extensive inventory rather than waiting for parts to come in. That means a quicker turnaround time for our customers in the Grand Rapids area! 

Our new addition features eight new dock doors for our 40 delivery vehicles, upgraded bathrooms, windows, an elevator, staging area, and more! Before our warehouse expansion we had over 90,000 parts in stock, can you imagine how many we will be able to hold now?! 

Our newly updated and expanded facility will give our warehouse a safety boost! The newly added space will allow us to increase the size of our staging and loading area. More working square footage will allow our team to feel more confident and at ease.

We look forward to increasing our team’s safety, and productivity, and providing our customers throughout West Michigan with the best possible service.

Want to see more? Click the button below to watch a time-lapse of the entire process!

June 28, 2022.JPG
July 26 5.jpg
9.19.22 3.jpg
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