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Get To Know Us! Meet Mckenzie!

Meet Mckenzie! Our Parts Dispatcher here at Berger Wholesale Parts. Have you ever wondered how your parts get to you so quickly and efficiently? Wonder no more! Mckenzie is our behind the scene’s super hero when it comes to delivering parts!

When asked to give a brief description about her job, Mckenzie stated that she works on the logistics behind the delivery drivers. She makes sure that all ordered parts get onto the correct delivery truck in an orderly fashion. Talk about organization!

Mckenzie not only organizes where parts go, but she also makes sure that parts get to customers on time. She explained that she, “helps get parts to customers on time so they can take care of their customers.”

Lastly, we asked Mckenzie what her favorite part about working at Berger Wholesale parts is and she said “The team! I love feeling like there is a good team behind me. Everyone works together and has fun sometimes too!”

We love having Mckenzie on our Berger team and are proud of all that she does for our company and our customers! Thank you for all that you do here Mckenzie!

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