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Louie Howard - Employee Spotlight

If you’ve ever roamed our parts warehouse, you may have come across Louie Howard on the upper level. Not only is he recognized for his hard work, but he also always does it with a smile on his face! Louie has been an asset to our team at Berger for nearly a year and a half and has made his way from our Service Department to the Parts Department, where he is now one of our top-notch Parts Warehouse Staff Members.

Louie’s day typically consists of picking parts for our customers and stocking them, and on occasion he works with his buddy Brad Hoag with inventory control. He loves working at Berger because of the unity, and stresses that he has never worked somewhere with such a great work environment! Since Louie’s very first day at Berger, our team has always made him feel welcomed, and he appreciates the endless opportunities to grow and learn, and the chance to constantly broaden his skill set.

Some of Louie’s favorite things to do is travel and see new things, but when he’s not doing that, you can probably find him designing new pieces for his apparel line. Recently he’s found his interest in graphic design – a talent he never knew he had. A fun fact about Louie is that he’s a 4th generation Louie, and of course, he had to make his son the 5th!

Louie said the only question we asked him that really stumped him was what he would do if he got a full year of paid time off. Although extremely hypothetical, we all can dream, can’t we? Of course, he’d have to live it up vacationing for about half the year, he said. But afterwards he said he’d want to find ways to make additional income (maybe working on his apparel business!) and good ways to keep himself busy.

Louie is respected and appreciated by the entire Parts Department. Check out this feedback we received from the Parts Department leadership team: “Louie is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of him! His excellent work ethic and attitude have been a great addition to our team, and it will be exciting to see where it will take him as he continues to grow at Berger Chevrolet!”

Berger is so fortunate to have Louie on our team and we loved getting the opportunity to get to know him a little more. Next time you order a GM part from Berger, think about Louie, who may be the one helping it get to you!

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