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Key & Cylinder Coding

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Did you know that Berger can cut any GM key on-site? And that we are able to code new key cylinders?

Berger Chevrolet has the technology and systems readily available to make a new key FAST.

At Berger, if you hand us a key that you need duplicated, we can easily replace it by just copying the physical key itself. If the key you're looking to order is not available for us to directly copy, we are able to pull key codes from GM and retrieve the information we need that way (additional charges apply for this extra step!).

Let's say we do need to pull a key code from GM. Shops will need to provide a Repair Order with the vehicle VIN and plate number along with a copy of a valid driver's license of the person requesting the key.

Berger can also code new key cylinders! Additional charges apply for this step, and the cylinder must be purchased with a new key.

Since Berger has most keys and cylinders in stock, we can get you a quick turnaround time - allowing same day delivery in most cases. Contact us today if you need a new key or cylinder!

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